ConneXions Vocational Training Centre is a project where young women from the slums of Kolkata receive training and job opportunities. The women, whilst being paid for their tailoring and craft work, are increasingly self sufficient. Their self esteem and dignity are built up and they are empowered to begin to improve the quality of their lives.

ConneXions focus is on the Urban Poor particularly young women in the 16- 25yr age group. It started in 2002 with six young underprivileged women from the slums, and since May 2005 the project has been run in conjunction with Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta and the local University. The certified course from the University aims to provide all the know-how necessary to secure a job in a Manufacturing Unit, to work from home as a piece worker, to train others in tailoring and even to set up an independent business. Women are also trained in English, literacy, maths, budgeting and take lessons on women issues, like exploitation, legal rights, health and hygiene.

“You can help us by buying our products! And help us to overcome poverty, oppression and the unjust destiny of being born poor. Thank you for your support!”