We are extremely excited to launch Khushi Hands (running in conjunction with Khushi Feet as part of the ‘Khushi Kolkata‘ initiative).

Khushi Hands is a community interest company (CIC) which sells beautiful artisan products hand-crafted by underprivileged women living in Kolkata, India.

The women who hand-craft the products we sell (cards, gift bags and sari purses, bags and scarves) are employed at vocational training centres in Kolkata. These centres provide young women from slums with training and job opportunities. As well as being trained in tailoring and paper crafts, the women are taught English, business skills and values for life. The women, while being paid for their craft work, are increasingly self-sufficient. Their self-esteem and dignity are built up and they are empowered to begin to improve the quality of their lives.

Watch this space for more information in the coming months, but for now give the Khushi Hands Facebook page a ‘like’ and help spread the word!